Taping at Wholistic Health Centre

At Wholistic Health Centre, we sometimes use taping to promote recovery by applying compression or decompression to relieving pain and swelling. It is also used to stabilize muscles and joints that have been sprained or hurt.

ROCKTAPE® is our tape of choice because, unlike braces and sleeves that constrain and reduce blood flow, ROCKTAPE can provide support and stability while increasing blood flow. Thus, the tape’s capabilities make it well suited to the repair of localized muscle groups.

Dr John Infante (Chiropractor) has been using ROCKTAPE with clients with a range of issues – He’s done a lot of low back taping with surprising results.

My theory is that these positive results are because ROCKTAPE stimulates sensor receptors to send more information to the brain, which helps the area heal a bit better.

We’ve also used ROCKTAPE for shins, calves, swollen feet, to encourage proper neck and shoulder posture and a bunch of other things too… including a 4 year-old’s forearm!


ROCKTAPE for Athletes

The same science that is used to treat injuries can be applied to help the endurance of athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists as it enhance performance, prevents fatigue, to promotes circulation, removes lactic acid and lymph drainage for any sports applications.

When applying tape to specific muscle group, we are able to reduce muscle vibration, accelerate blood flow out of the muscles to encourage oxygenation and promote lymph drainage, which helps remove lactic acid. These functions provide the athlete with additional endurance and help promote recovery.


Whether used for muscle repair, stability management, recovery or enhanced performance, taping can be a valuable component in the athlete’s toolkit and chiropractic care.

Dr John Infante (Chiropractor)

Mentally, when the tape is applied it sends signals to the brain that originate from the sensor receptors on the skin that have been activated by the tape. This sensory stimulation can be very powerful. For example, elite athletes are very good at pushing through pain but at some point the brain determines that there is a safety issue and slows activity. By telling the brain that there is additional support available via the tape, the brain allows the athlete to push a little harder than if he/she did not have tape.

Catwalk Ready!

One of the fun parts about ROCKTAPE is that it also comes in some really cool colours – Chiropractor Dr John’s favourite is the Cow-Hide pattern, and Laura, our massage therapist, loves the Blue Argyle.

There’s also Biohazard symbol, Digital Camouflage, Black, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, Acid Green – ROCKTAPE is not just good for you, it can be a fashion statement too!

Contact us today to see if taping can help with your injury repair or athletic performance!

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