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Custom Orthotics at Wholistic Health Centre

Experiencing a posture problem or pain in your back? The answer could lie in your feet.


As the base of your body, the feet do a lot of work to move you every day. So, a problem with the feet may turn into a problem in the ankle, then the knee, then the hip and then your spine. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to address these concerns—with custom made foot leveler orthotics.

Foot Leveler orthotics are inserts placed into your shoes that help to stabilise your spine, pelvis and posture as well as feet. In our practice, we use a high-tech digital scanner to see what’s going on in your feet while you’re standing normally. Then, the image shows us the ‘stress’ areas in each foot.

From there, we can create a one-of-a-kind shoe insert meant for your exact needs and structural challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly everyone is a candidate for custom orthotics. Why? We all walk differently, and in different shoes! Buying a shoe from a store, as we all do, is never guaranteed to fit us exactly as we need, resulting in carrying our weight and posture differently than we should. With custom orthotics, your entire body can move with confidence.

After your initial scan, your Foot Leveler custom orthotics will be created. You can return to pick them up from our practice in just a week.

We sure hope so. Custom Orthotics aim to restore proper balance to your feet, which in turn has an effect on all of your body above it. As the base of your body, the feet must be taken care of. This may help improve posture, pain and more.


If you’re interested in having your feet checked for Foot Leveler Custom Orthotics, we’d love to speak more at your next appointment in our Wolli Creek clinic. Schedule your visit with us today!

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