At Wholistic Health Centre, our Sydney chiropractors understand that you need healthcare tailored to your individual goals. Chiropractor Dr John Infante is ready to create a personalised plan to restore your health, starting with a thorough assessment that helps us understand what your body requires to heal.

You can be confident knowing that we are a clinical, scientific, medically respected practice based on modern research.

Benefit from Wholistic Health Centre's scientific approach.

Live pain-free and enjoy great wellbeing

Our holistic approach to treatment is designed to prevent future problems from occurring so that you can enjoy optimal health in the long term. You may be affected by pain, stiffness or discomfort that arises from trauma, accidents, lack of exercise, poor posture, illness or the simple everyday wear and tear that we all face. Chiropractor Dr John Infante uses the techniques that are most suitable for you, rather than relying on a single method to suit everyone.

Our Sydney chiropractors can help you to:

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We are preferred providers for Bupa and Medibank

Bupa and Medibank

All Bupa and Medibank members will be able to receive additional benefits based on their level of cover. Enjoy better savings and less out of pocket expenses when you visit our practice.

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Supporting a multicultural community

We celebrate the diversity of our country, and are proud to provide customised care for patients of all cultures and languages. Our dedicated and professional team of male and female practitioners are well equipped to deliver multilingual, culturally sensitive treatment.

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