New Patients

The Wholistic Health Centre team is ready to warmly welcome you and make you feel at ease. We understand that you may be in pain and do all we can to help you relax before the chiropractor sees you promptly for your appointment.

Let’s Get Started

You can complete the new patient paperwork before arriving by finding it on our website for download. Once you are here, we will review your form while you watch a short video that introduces you to chiropractic and our practice.

Then, we sit down to go through a medical history that includes your current complaint, family history and review of your general health. A thorough examination is next, which includes:

  • A structural analysis
  • Neurological and orthopaedic testing
  • Chiropractic palpation

If X-rays are indicated, you will be referred to a nearby facility to have them taken. After the examination is complete, we will chat with you about our findings so far and what our next step forward will be. You can expect to be here for about 45 minutes.

Young beautiful woman enjoying back and shoulders massage
Man having chiropractic arm adjustment. Physiotherapy, sport injury rehabilitation. Senior man exercises in center for chiropractic.

The Second Appointment

Before you see us the next time, we will have taken all the information from your first visit, analysed the findings and determined the best treatment options for you. You receive a full report of the chiropractor’s findings, deciding together on how to best manage your condition. If you agree, we will start treatment on this visit.

From Passive to Active Care

The first stage you are in when you begin seeing us is called passive care. Your visits are more regular, and we complete exercises or discuss other aspects of your care in the clinic. You take something away to do at home on each visit, building on what you have learned. We may discuss nutritionrehabilitation exercises or lifestyle advice.

As you begin feeling better, and your pain or other symptoms diminish, the frequency of your visits will reduce. More of your treatment is completed in the comfort of your own home, and you have entered a phase of care we call active care.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have about starting care at our clinic. Free parking is available and health insurance is accepted, including Medicare. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Wolli Creek or Kareela practice!

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