Soothing Remedial Massage in Sydney’s Inner West

Remedial massage therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional medicine. It cuts down the stress and difficulty of the healing process.
It can be a substitute for the traditional pathway, or it can come as an add-on to help your recovery go smoothly.

The Wholistic Health Centre offer this at our Wolli Creek clinic in the Inner West. It’s available to residents from the suburbs of Newtown, Tempe, St Peters, Rockdale, Earlwood, and Kogarah as well.

Read on to learn all the details!

Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy has numerous benefits for the mind and body. Many of our therapists got into the field because they knew it could transform people’s lives.
Unlike standard physical therapies, remedial massage is about far more than relaxation.
That’s a vital part of the process but goes far beyond it. The body is a natural organism and is suitable for natural methods, and this is something our therapists have very much taken to heart!
Here’s more about how it works.
Natural Healing
Remedial massage therapy is just that. Remedial. It exists to remedy illness in the body.
Some of the natural healing patients see from remedial massage therapy include:
Heightened immunity
Boosted mental alertness
Increased joint mobility
Improved skin tone
Corrected postural, joint, and injury complications
Lowered stress
Released tension in joints and muscles
The elimination of chronic complaints
Better overall well-being
All of these benefits can arise from surgery or prescription medicines, but remedial massage therapy is a way to make those benefits last.
Not only that you’ll also get the relaxation that other types of therapy offer. This means it’s the best of both worlds.
The effects of a healthcare intervention without the artificial aspects that so many patients get concerned about.

Simple Process

Taking advantage of our remedial massage services couldn’t be easier. We have four highly trained therapists at our clinic who are able to help you with almost any complaint.
Even if you have a unique set of circumstances we are most likely going to be able to assist you.
To begin the process you can simply look at our website for more about our official therapists.
There you’ll find details about each of our remedial therapists, the qualifications they hold, and some of the experiences they’ve been through. We’ll also share a briefer summary later in this article.
When you know who you’d like to work with then all you have to do is make contact with us and we’ll take it from there.

Before you know it you’ll be ready for your first session with your chosen massage therapist! After that, you’ll soon be on the mend and looking forward to the rest of your treatment plan.

Limited Complications
Remedial massage therapy does not suffer from the unpredictable consequences that you find when going for surgery or starting a new medication.
This makes it a safer route if medical professionals approve of your decision. If you’d rather avoid the risks involved in traditional medicine then considering remedial massage is a wise choice.
Any risks that we think will apply to your situation and condition will be explained before you begin the treatment. We’ll also answer any questions that you may have about our approach.
Who We Work With
Our four remedial massage therapists bring a diverse range of experiences with them, and each has an established and successful career with all relevant qualifications.
They are
Laura Castillo
Ibrahim Mansour
Tamara Royal
Phoebe Khamphira

Laura Castillo’s career spans over a decade and involves complex remedial massage techniques like deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage.

Ibrahim Mansour specialises in helping sports teams and athletes to get back to peak performance. He’s done this using various remedial massage techniques since 2011. He’s also proficient in flexibility and stretching.

Tamara Royal focuses on healing her patients by targeting the source of their pain in as many ways as possible. Techniques she is an expert in include Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, and pain management through massage.

Phoebe Khamphira has been working in her role for over 15 years and brings unique experience in hot-stone massage, Thai massage, and reflexology. She also has a Diploma in Fitness.

As you can see we have a vast selection of clinical experience divided between our four remedial therapists. This means we are an ideal place to go if you can get to Wolli Creek for your therapy sessions.

If you’d like to discuss any aspects of the training our therapists have had and who is best for your needs then please reach out at the earliest opportunity.

We can also advise you on which therapist is best placed to meet your needs and which type of remedial massage therapy is most appropriate for your recovery from illness.

Booking in for Remedial Massage Therapy

If you’re within the reach of our clinic when it’s time to get support for your condition, simply pop in and speak to us!
Our reception staff will help you deal with any concerns or questions that you might have and can get you an appointment sorted.
They’ll check the schedules of whichever remedial therapist you’d like to see and then take it from there.
If you can’t come into the clinic directly then you can call us on (02) 9599 6554 or email us using the contact form on the website.

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