Healing Remedial Massage in Sutherland Shire

If you’re in the Sutherland Shire area, including Kareela, Sylvania, Kirrawee, Como, Jannali, or Miranda – then you’re in range of our remedial therapists!
Unlike relaxation therapy, remedial therapy is specifically developed to assist in recovery from trauma and sickness.
Some benefits include released muscle tension and reduced stress, but there are many more. How many you experience will depend on what you’re having remedial therapy for, but it applies to all sorts of circumstances.
To hear all about it, keep reading!

What is Remedial Massage Therapy?

Remedial massage therapy involves assessing the muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and tendons of the body.
Laura Castillo
Laura Castillo began her career in massage therapy at an early age and now has over 15 years of practical experience with patients. Techniques that she uses include:

Remedial massage

Deep tissue massage

Lymphatic drainage

Myofascial release

Swedish/therapeutic massage
Kinesiology taping
Facials for massage therapy
Alongside her practical skills, Laura also has qualifications in Nutrition and Aged Care and belongs to the Association of Massage Therapists.
Ibrahim Mansour
Since 2011, Ibrahim Mansour has worked with sports teams and athletes across Australia. He’s gained considerable experience in sports injuries, both acute and chronic.
Since his graduation, Ibrahim has developed his skills in physiology and body anatomy, along with flexibility and assisted stretching. This gives Ibrahim the ability to relieve muscle pain and restore freedom of motion.
He’s an ideal choice if you need sports massage or conditioning to aid in strength training.
Tamara Royal
Tamara Royal works to find the source of pain and treat it using a customised approach best for each patient.
Her specialist areas within remedial massage therapy are chronic pain and posture correction.
Tamara also covers pregnancy massage and is the perfect member of our team to help in this area.
Phoebe Khamphira
Phoebe Khamphira has more than 15 years of experience in specialist remedial massage techniques. Her expertise comes from her series of remedial massage qualifications, including Certificates 3 and 4 plus a Diploma.
Phoebe can assist you with standard remedial massage treatment alongside rarer options like:
Tamara also covers pregnancy massage and is the perfect member of our team to help in this area.
Hot-stone massage
Thai massage
She also possesses a Diploma of Fitness, which increases her value to patients in active sports.

Why Get Remedial Massage Therapy?

Remedial massage therapy may not be the first option you thought of to get treatment for your condition.
It’s not as cut-and-dried as direct intervention with medication or surgery. However, it’s no less effective!
The major benefits it can offer you include:
Eliminating chronic issues

Releasing tension in muscles

Improving overall wellbeing

Correcting joint and posture issues
Aiding recovery from injuries

Boosting your immunity

Increasing joint mobility

Helping your skin tone

These are just a list of the common ones that we find patients experience the most. The range of positive outcomes you can get will depend on your particular course of treatment.
Some treatment plans are simple and involve a single visit. Others require weeks or months to complete the course of treatment. We will endeavour to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible throughout.
On top of that, we won’t take any extra time to treat you than our expert massage therapists deem necessary. If you have any concerns regarding the length of your treatment and how many visits will be required, we will address all these with you.
If it’s possible, then we will give you a rough timeline during your initial consultation with one of our massage therapists.
Arranging Remedial Massage in Kareela
If reading all this has sparked your curiosity or interest in remedial massage therapy, then we’re happy to hear it!
To explore which of our therapists would be best suited to your needs the best step you can take is calling us when it’s convenient.
We’ll talk about your circumstances and inform you of who we think will get you the most results from your time with us.

You can fill out an online form on our website to receive an email response or you can call us. If you’re calling, the number to use is (02) 9599 6554. We’ll make sure to address all your questions and give you the confidence to come see us at our Kareela clinic.

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