How to Get Healthier with Just a Few Minutes Daily

How to get healthier with just a few minutes daily

Everyone wants to live a healthier life. But often there seems to be no time in our hectic world to devote to the effort. The good news is that with a few minutes a day you can accomplish small changes. And these small changes add up to a much healthier you.

We offer three suggestions, ways to increase wellness. They require very little time but will improve your health in no time at all.

One: Take the stairs instead of the lift or elevator. It only takes thirty seconds to go up one flight of stairs and you will both increase your blood flow and strengthen your legs.

Two: Drink one glass of water more than you usually do each day. Make it a habit to drink your glass of water every morning as a part of your morning routine.

Three: Improve and maintain your balance. As you get older you will be happy that you have been doing this. Start now by adding daily balance exercises as a routine. Simply begin by standing on one leg at a time, ten seconds for each leg and repeat several times.

Change Bad Habits and Avoid Back Pain

Little things can make a difference in life and this especially applies to things that cause back problems. Choose to do the things that make you feel good and keep your body healthy. For folks who always seem to have to deal with back pain, here are four useful suggestions.

One: Do core exercises. Sit ups and crunches help strengthen the muscles of your abdomen. This helps you reduce back pain and avoid back injuries.

Two: Help avoid osteoporosis by taking Vitamin D and calcium every day.

Three: Stop smoking. Aside from avoiding lung cancer, if you quit smoking you stop restricting blood flow which is what nicotine does.

Four: Buy a new pair of shoes. Comfortable shoes with a heel less than an inch are best for preventing back aches and pain.

Do You Drink Too Much Caffeine?

Do you find yourself drinking one more cup of coffee to beat the afternoon slump? Why not try something with more nutrients? Maybe you expected us to say you should eat more vegetables. Well that would not be such a bad idea but that is not what we suggest. What we suggest is easy, sweet, and fantastic, energy balls from bananas. They are full of protein, fibre, and healthy fats.

Recipe for Banana Balls

  • Ingredients: 1/3 cup maple syrup, ½ cup pecans, ½ cup almonds, 1/ cup of mashed bananas, 2 cups rolled oats, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp vanilla extract, 14 tsp salt
  • Add everything to your food processor. Pulse at medium speed to ten seconds
  • Remove from the food processor and separate into bite-sized banana balls
  • You can either eat these on the spot or refrigerate to enjoy later

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