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Please contact us for details of our current fee schedule, Health Fund Discounts, Medicare and CTP options within our clinics.  Contact Us 

No Obligation Pre-Consultation

Want to know if Chiropractic can help with your condition? Contact Dr John to find out before deciding on whether to move forward with an Initial Consultation. Request a complimentary, no obligation pre-consultation now.



Our convenient HICAPS swipe card system allows us to deduct the Health Fund Rebate from the cost of care. You will simply pay the “gap” amount. No more running around with receipts!


You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Eftpos, or cash. We appreciate you settling your bill at the end of each visit.

Contact us today to discuss payment options and if you can use your health fund or qualify for Medicare and or CTP assistance.

Bupa Member’s first

Wholistic Health Centre is a BUPA Member’s first provider

This means that Bupa members with Extras Cover can receive additional value and certainty through known out-of-pocket expenses when they visit Wholistic Health Centre. Plus they can expect generally higher set benefits, discounts, and up to 100% back and at least 60% back on specified services*. These Bupa Members First benefits are available at our Kareela and Wooli Creek clinics. 

At Wholistic Health Centre we believe that the care a patient receives is of the utmost importance.

You can read more about this at Bupa

To make an appointment with your BUPA Chiropractor Member First Providers please call 02 95996554 or book online.It’s a simple step towards encouraging our members to seek treatment when necessary, promoting good health.

For more information contact our Clinic.

Make a booking today and experience the difference.


Medibank Members Choice Provider

Wholistic Health Centre is a Medibank Members choice provider.

If you are a Medibank Member, this means you may enjoy better value when you need an extras service. Better value, transparency of cost, and a wider range of available services.

Benefits of visiting a Members’ Choice provider:

  • Capped prices so there are no surprises in your bill
  • Discounts for Orthotics
  • Percentage back of charges. This could be 55%, 70%, 85% or 100% depending on your level of cover*
  • Wider range of extras services than other insurers
  • Generally lower out-of-pockets than non-Members’ Choice providers for eligible services up to your annual limit.
  • Medibank Members Choice benefits available at our Wolli Creek and Kareela clinic locations.

How does it work?

Here’s an example of how you can do better with Members’ Choice.

Elizabeth has Top Extras 70 cover and lives in NSW. The table below shows, typically, how much she can save when she visits Wholistic Health Centre for a consultation.


 ChargeBenefit PayableOut of Pocket cost
Members’ Choice provider$64.00 (capped charge)$44.10 (70% of the charge) $18.90
Non Members’ Choice provider$76.00#$40.00 (fixed benefit) $36.00

*Benefits are subject to annual membership limits waiting periods.
#Average charge in NSW for a subsequent Chiropractic consultation between July – Sept 2016

The information above may change without notice

To make an appointment with your Medibank Chiropractor Members Choice Provider please call 02 95996554 or book online. It’s a simple step towards encouraging our patients to seek treatment when necessary, promoting good health.

For more information contact our Clinic.

Make a booking today and experience the difference.

Seniors card welcome

Wholistic Health Centre is pleased to provide NSW Seniors Card holder’s with a 10% discount on all services when you present your valid senior’s card.


HCF More for Back Program

Wholistic Health Centre is offering a no Gap initial consultation for eligible HCF member’s

More for Backs, each year, provides eligible members with a fully covered initial consultation for eligible musculoskeletal conditions, whether for a new health condition or flare up of an existing condition.

HCF’s More For Backs gap free consultations available at our Kareela and Wolli Creek clinics, please check with HCF if you qualify HERE 

For more information contact our Clinic.

We accept ALL health funds equally including:


We are happy to answer any questions you might have about starting care at our clinic. Free parking is available and health insurance is accepted, including Medicare. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Wolli Creek or Kareela practice!

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