After the First Adjustment

After the First Adjustment – Side effects

Dizziness after a Chiropractic Adjustment

Many patients who come to see Dr John Infante (Chiropractor), as a last resort, because traditional medicine or other forms of therapy have failed. They have exhausted other avenues and perhaps a friend, neighbour, or family member has suggested Chiropractic care as a an option. These patients may be unsure, doubtful, or even fearful that a Chiropractic adjustment will help them. Unfortunately, these patients may not be properly prepared for some of the side effects, including dizziness, which may result from a chiropractic adjustment. As the patient experiences these side effect, they may feel that a spinal adjustment is just another failed treatment and never come back again.

According to a 2004 study published in Manual Therapy, almost 61 percent of patients experienced at least one side effect after chiropractic care.

Patients reported the following side effects:

  • 19.8% of patients experienced a headache
  • 19.5% of patients experienced stiffness
  • 15.2% of patients experienced local discomfort
  • 12.1% of patients experienced radiating discomfort
  • 12.1% of patients experienced fatigue

According to this study, the majority of the side effects were experienced within 4 hours of the chiropractic appointment and subsided within 24 hours.

Why Does This Happen?

This is mainly due to the release of Toxins. As the spine, muscles, and joints are manipulated, the toxins that have built up are released. This can result in a range of unpleasant side effects, including:

  • Muscle cramping
  • Discomfort
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadness
  • Dizziness

How To Reduce Side Effects after a Chiropractic Appointment

Following a chiropractic appointment, we recommend the following. These include:

Drink plenty of water: This can help flush the toxins that have been released as well as keep you hydrated.

Ice packs: Discomfort can occur, because of mild inflammation. Apply the ice pack to the treatment area for 20-minute periods every two hours.

Heat pads: In some cases, a heat pad may also be applied. We will tell you which one is best.

Strengthening exercises: Follow the exercises or tips we will give you as part of your care plan.

Rest: Be sure to get adequate sleep.

Avoid bending the spine: Try to maintain good posture and avoid bending the spine, especially the first day or two after an adjustment. Keeping the spine straight after an adjustment will help keep the spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments in their proper positions.

Dizziness is Normal after a Chiropractic Adjustment

The most important thing for new patients to understand is that dizziness for the first 24 hours following a chiropractic adjustment is perfectly normal and expected. According to a 2004 study in the journal Manual Therapy, almost 61 percent of chiropractic patients experience some form of mild side effect for the first 24 hours following an adjustment.

Think of dizziness after an adjustment like what happens if you come up too fast after laying down. You may experience a brief bit of dizziness as your inner ear works to readjust itself to your body’s new position. Dizziness following a chiropractic adjustment works much the same way. The body needs a certain period of time to reorient itself into the spine’s new, correct position.

If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or or other side effects worsen or last for more than 24 hours, patients should make a follow up appointment with Dr. John.

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